1.1.0 build 360
Released on 30 Mar 2018

Embedded new Lightstreamer Server version 7: see the related changelog for details.

Revised the license configuration, with the introduction of new mqtt_edition_conf.xml configuration file, which replaces the old mqtt_version_conf.xml. See inline comments for details.
In addition, a new mandatory <edition_conf> configuration element in the main configuration file lightstreamer_conf.xml has been introduced, replacing the old <version_conf>. See inline comments in the factory configuration file for details.

Fixed typos in the mqtt_master_connector_conf.xml file.

Fixed typos and statements in the MQTT.Cool Getting Started Guide.

Increased minimum required Java version to 8.

1.0.3 b3 build 302
Released on 11 Jan 2018

Enabled TLS/SSL connections between MQTT.Cool and MQTT brokers.
Secure channels can be either configured through new connection parameters to be specified in the mqtt_master_connector_conf.xml file, or by deploying custom Hooks that provide instances of the new SecurityParams class. See docs for more information.

Added new sample configurations in mqtt_master_connector_conf.xml, along with related JKS sample files, to show how to configure encrypted connections.

Added the dedicated MQTTCoolLogger.connections.ssl logger in mqtt_master_connector_log_conf.xml, to report issues relative to TLS/SSL handshake management.
Changed default logging levels and improved inline comments of many loggers.

Enabled the test client to specify the protocol to use for each new broker configuration. Users can now set up either plain or TLS/SSL connection by selecting the right schema from a list.
Improve management of broker configurations: it is now possible to change all parameters of the selected configuration.

Fixed a bug that, in case of only one client connected through a Shared Connection, prevented an unsubscribe request from reaching the MQTT broker.

Fixed generation of log messages for the MQTTCoolLogger logger.
Added and improved log messages for initialization activities.

1.0.3 b2 build 279
Released on 16 Nov 2017

Introduced a very simple MQTT.Cool test client, which can be launched from the the welcome page, for the purpose of testing the interaction between the MQTT.Cool server and MQTT brokers.

1.0.3 b1 build 266
Released on 29 Sep 2017

First public release.