Class: TopicConnectionFactory


A TopicConnectionFactory object can be used used to create a connection with a JMS broker through an embedded JMS Extender connection.

new TopicConnectionFactory()

This method is not meant to be used directly. Creates a TopicConnectionFactory object that can create new TopicConnection objects.


Method Summary

Creates a new TopicConnection.

Method Detail

(static) createTopicConnection(serverAddress, jmsConnector, userName, password, listener)

Creates a new TopicConnection. If a userName is specified, the connection is created with the specified user identity. The connection is created in stopped mode. No messages will be delivered until the TopicConnection#start method is explicitly called on the TopicConnection object.
Implementation note: due to limitations of Javascript this method can't return a connection synchronously, the connection will be delivered asynchronously through the specified callback.
Name Type Description
serverAddress String the full address of the JMS Extender.
jmsConnector String the name of the JMS Connector.
userName String the optional username to be used for the authentication on the JMS Extender.
password String the optional password to be used for the authentication on the JMS Extender.
listener ConnectionListener the listener that will receive the events related to the connection creation.