Lightstreamer iOS Client  1.4.5
Native iOS Client library for Lightstreamer
LSMPNDeviceStatus.h File Reference


enum  LSMPNDeviceStatus { LSMPNDeviceStatusNone = 0, LSMPNDeviceStatusActive = 1, LSMPNDeviceStatusSuspended = 9 }
 The LSMPNDeviceStatus enum contains the possible statuses of an MPN device. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

The LSMPNDeviceStatus enum contains the possible statuses of an MPN device.

It is returned as the LSMPNStatusInfo::deviceStatus field by the checkStatus (LSMPNSubscription) method.
Its significant values are:

The LSMPNDeviceStatusActive value is the common status of an MPN device. Active MPN subscriptions related to this device are sending their mobile push (i.e. remote) notifications as usual.
The LSMPNDeviceStatusSuspended status indicates the device is temporarily not active, but it will be reactivated as soon as a device token change is notified to the Server. This status is reversible and usually requires no action. See registrationForMPNSucceededWithToken: (LSClient) for more information. Note that a suspended device may be deactivated (and hence deleted) by the Server, if no token change is notified within a timeout period (by default a week).
The special value LSMPNDeviceStatusNone is used only when one of the two previous statuses could not be determined. It should never be used under normal conditions, and if it is found as a value of LSMPNStatusInfo::deviceStatus should be considered an error condition.
Recall that when the last subscription of a device has been deactivated (and hence deleted), the device also is deleted. A call to checkStatus (LSMPNSubscription) for a device with no more active or triggered subscriptions will result in an LSPushServerException with error code 45 (device unknown).