Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IMetadataProvider.NotifyTablesClose Method

Called by Lightstreamer Kernel through the Remote Server to notify the Metadata Adapter that some Tables (i.e. Subscriptions) have been removed from a push Session. 

The method is invoked only if enabled for the User through WantsTablesNotification

This method is called by the Server asynchronously and does not consume a pooled thread. 


void NotifyTablesClose(string sessionID, TableInfo [] tables);
void NotifyTablesClose(string sessionID, TableInfo [] tables);
Visual Basic
Function NotifyTablesClose(sessionID As string, tables As TableInfo []) As void
string sessionID 
A Session ID. 
TableInfo [] tables 
An array of TableInfo instances, each of them containing the details of a Table (i.e. Subscription) that has been removed from the Session. The supplied array is in 1:1 correspondance with the array supplied by NotifyNewTables in a previous call; the correspondance can be recognized by matching the WinIndex property of the included TableInfo objects (if multiple objects are included, it must be the same for all of them). 
in case something is wrong in the parameters, such as the ID of a Session that is not currently open or a Table (i.e. Subscription) that is not contained in the Session.