Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IMetadataProvider.NotifyNewTables Method

Called by Lightstreamer Kernel through the Remote Server to check that a User is enabled to add some Tables (i.e. Subscriptions) to a push Session. If the check succeeds, this also notifies the Metadata Adapter that the Tables are being added to the Session. 

The method is invoked only if enabled for the User through WantsTablesNotification

This method runs in the Server thread pool specific for the Data Adapter that supplies the involved items, if defined. 


void NotifyNewTables(string user, string sessionID, TableInfo [] tables);
void NotifyNewTables(string user, string sessionID, TableInfo [] tables);
Visual Basic
Function NotifyNewTables(user As string, sessionID As string, tables As TableInfo []) As void
string user 
A User name. 
string sessionID 
The ID of a Session owned by the User. 
TableInfo [] tables 
An array of TableInfo instances, each of them containing the details of a Table (i.e. Subscription) to be added to the Session. The elements in the array represent Tables (i.e.: Subscriptions) whose subscription is requested atomically by the client. A single element should be expected in the array, unless clients based on a very old version of a client library or text protocol may be in use. 
in case the User is not allowed to add the specified Tables (i.e. Subscriptions) to the Session.  
in case something is wrong in the parameters, such as the ID of a Session that is not currently open or inconsistent informations about a Table (i.e. Subscription).