Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IMetadataProvider.NotifyMpnDeviceAccess Method

Called by Lightstreamer Kernel to check that a User is enabled to access the specified MPN device. The success of this method call is a prerequisite for all MPN operations, including the activation of a subscription, the deactivation of a subscription, the change of a device token, etc. Some of these operations have a subsequent specific notification, i.e. NotifyMpnSubscriptionActivation and NotifyMpnDeviceTokenChange.  

Take particular precautions when authorizing device access, if possible ensure the user is entitled to the specific platform, device token and application ID.  

Push Notifications are not supported in Moderato edition.

void NotifyMpnDeviceAccess(string user, MpnDeviceInfo device);
void NotifyMpnDeviceAccess(string user, MpnDeviceInfo device);
Visual Basic
Function NotifyMpnDeviceAccess(user As string, device As MpnDeviceInfo) As void
string user 
A User name. 
MpnDeviceInfo device 
Specifies a MPN device. 
if the User is not allowed to access the specified MPN device in the Session. 
if something is wrong in the parameters, such as inconsistent information about the device.