Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IItemEventListener.Update Method (string, IDictionary, bool)

Called by a Data Adapter to send an Item Event to Lightstreamer Kernel when the Item Event is implemented as a IDictionary instance. 

The Remote Adapter should ensure that, after an Unsubscribe call for the Item has returned, no more Update calls are issued, until requested by a new subscription for the same Item. This assures that, upon a new subscription for the Item, no trailing events due to the previous subscription can be received by the Remote Server. Note that the method is nonblocking; moreover, it only takes locks to first order mutexes; so, it can safely be called while holding a custom lock. 


void Update(string itemName, IDictionary itemEvent, bool isSnapshot);
void Update(string itemName, IDictionary itemEvent, bool isSnapshot);
Visual Basic
Function Update(itemName As string, itemEvent As IDictionary, isSnapshot As bool) As void
string itemName 
The name of the Item whose values are carried by the Item Event. 
IDictionary itemEvent 
A IDictionary instance, in which Field names are associated to Field values. A value can be expressed as either a String or a byte array, the latter case being the most efficient, though restricted to the ISO-8859-1 (ISO-LATIN-1) character set. A Field value can be null or missing if the Field is not to be reported in the event. 
bool isSnapshot 
True if the Item Event carries the Item Snapshot.