Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IItemEventListener.EndOfSnapshot Method

Called by a Data Adapter to signal to Lightstreamer Kernel that no more Item Event belonging to the Snapshot are expected for an Item. This call is optional, because the Snapshot completion can also be inferred from the isSnapshot flag in the update calls. However, this call allows Lightstreamer Kernel to be informed of the Snapshot completion before the arrival of the first non-snapshot event. Calling this function is recommended if the Item is to be subscribed in DISTINCT mode. In case the Data Adapter returned false to IsSnapshotAvailable for the same Item, this function should not be called. 

The Remote Adapter should ensure that, after an Unsubscribe call for the Item has returned, a possible pending EndOfSnapshot call related with the previous subscription request is no longer issued. This assures that, upon a new subscription for the Item, no trailing events due to the previous subscription can be received by the Remote Server. Note that the method is nonblocking; moreover, it only takes locks to first order mutexes; so, it can safely be called while holding a custom lock. 


void EndOfSnapshot(string itemName);
void EndOfSnapshot(string itemName);
Visual Basic
Function EndOfSnapshot(itemName As string) As void
string itemName 
The name of the Item whose snapshot has been completed.