Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IItemEvent.GetValue Method

Returns the value of a named Field (null is a legal value too). Returns null if the Field is not reported in the Item Event. The value can be expressed as either a String or a byte array, the latter case being the most efficient, though restricted to the ISO-8859-1 (ISO-LATIN-1) character set. Lightstreamer Kernel, through the Remote Server, will call this method at most once for each Field (unless events logging is enabled) and may not call this method at all for some Fields. So, if performing any data conversion is required in order to extract Field values, it may be convenient to do it on demand rather than doing it in advance.

Object GetValue(string name);
Object GetValue(string name);
Visual Basic
Function GetValue(name As string) As Object
string name 
A Field name. 

A String or a byte array containing the Field value, or null.