Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
Server.SetLoggerProvider Method

Sets the ILoggerProvider instance that will be used by the classes of the library to obtain ILogger instances used to propagate internal logging. Providing a new provider to the library permits to consume the log produced through custom ILogger implementation. 

As soon as a new ILoggerProvider is provided all the instances of ILogger already in use in the library are discarded and substituted with instanced obtained from this new instance. If a null value is provided, the default consumers, that discard all the log, are enabled.  


public: void SetLoggerProvider(ILoggerProvider loggerProvider);
public static void SetLoggerProvider(ILoggerProvider loggerProvider);
Visual Basic
Public static Function SetLoggerProvider(loggerProvider As ILoggerProvider) As void
ILoggerProvider loggerProvider 
Will be responsible to provide ILogger instances to the various classes of the library.