Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
NotifyUser Method

This is the overview for the NotifyUser method overload.

Called by Lightstreamer Kernel through the Remote Server as a preliminary check that a user is enabled to make Requests to the related Data Providers. It is invoked upon each session request and it is called prior to any other session-related request. So, any other method with a User argument can assume that the supplied User argument has already been checked.
The User authentication should be based on the user and password arguments supplied by the client. The full report of the request HTTP headers is also available; they could be used in order to gather information about the client,... more 
Called by Lightstreamer Kernel, through the Remote Server, instead of calling the 3-arguments version, in case the Server has been instructed to acquire the client principal from the client TLS/SSL certificate through the <use_client_auth> configuration flag.
Note that the above flag can be set for each listening port independently (and it can be set for TLS/SSL ports only), hence, both overloads may be invoked, depending on the port used by the client.
Also note that in case client certificate authentication is not forced on a listening port through <force_client_auth>, a client request issued on that port may not be authenticated,... more