Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IIndexedItemEvent Methods

The methods of the IIndexedItemEvent class are listed here.

Returns the index of a named Field. Returns -1 if such a field is not reported in this event. Lightstreamer Kernel, through the Remote Server, will call this method up to once for every distinct client request of the Item. So, the implementation must be very fast.  
Returns the maximum index for the fields in the event. The event cannot be empty, so the maximum Index must always exist.  
Returns the name of a Field whose index is supplied. Returns null if the Field is not reported in this event.  
Returns the value of a field whose index is supplied (null is a legal value too). Returns null if the Field is not reported in the Item Event. The value can be expressed as either a String or a byte array, the latter case being the most efficient, though restricted to the ISO-8859-1 (ISO-LATIN-1) character set.