Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
Server Members

The following tables list the members exposed by Server.

Stops the management of the Remote Adapter and destroys the threads used by this Server. This instance can no longer be used.
The streams supplied to this instance and the associated sockets are also closed.
Note that this does not stop the supplied Remote Adapter, as no close method is available in the Remote Adapter interface. If the process is not terminating, then the Remote Adapter cleanup should be performed by accessing the supplied Adapter instance directly and calling custom methods.
Sets the ILoggerProvider instance that will be used by the classes of the library to obtain ILogger instances used to propagate internal logging. Providing a new provider to the library permits to consume the log produced through custom ILogger implementation.
As soon as a new ILoggerProvider is provided all the instances of ILogger already in use in the library are discarded and substituted with instanced obtained from this new instance. If a null value is provided, the default consumers, that discard all the log, are enabled.
Starts the Remote Adapter. A connection to the Proxy Adapter is performed (as soon as one is available). Then, requests issued by the Proxy Adapter are received and forwarded to the Remote Adapter.  
A handler for error conditions occurring on the Remote Server. By setting the handler, it's possible to override the default exception handling.  
A name for the Server instance; used for logging purposes.  
The stream used by the Remote Adapter in order to send asyncronous data to the Remote Adapter. Currently not used and not needed by the Remote Metadata Adapter.  
The stream used by the Remote Adapter in order to forward the answers to the Proxy Adapter.  
The stream used by the Proxy Adapter in order to forward the requests to the Remote Adapter.