Lightstreamer OS X Client 1.0.4
Native OS X Client library for Lightstreamer

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
LSClientIncapsulates a single connection to Lightstreamer Server
LSConnectionConstraintsCollects the constraints to be applied on the overall data flow from a Connection
<LSConnectionDelegate>The LSConnectionDelegate protocol receives notifications of connection activity and errors
LSConnectionInfoCollects the parameters related to a connection request to Lightstreamer Server
LSExceptionBase class of all Lightstreamer client exceptions
LSExtendedTableInfoSpecification of a table to be subscribed to Lightstreamer Server, comprised all the item and field names
LSLogControls the local logging system
<LSMessageDelegate>The LSMessageDelegate protocol receives notifications of server responses to sent messages
LSMessageInfoMessage object that will be sent to a Lightstreamer Server
LSPushConnectionExceptionIncapsulates exceptions thrown due to connectivy problems with the Server
LSPushServerExceptionIncapsulates exceptions thrown due to a specific error returned by the Server
LSPushUpdateExceptionIncapsulates exceptions thrown due to unexpected or wrong data updates received from the Server
LSSubscribedTableKeyKey value to be used to unsubscribe from tables
LSSubscriptionConstraintsCollects the constraints to be applied on the data flow from a Subscription
<LSTableDelegate>The LSTableDelegate protocol receives notification of data updates and subscription termination for a table
LSTableInfoSpecification of a table to be subscribed to Lightstreamer Server
LSUpdateInfoInformation about an update for a subscribed item