Package com.lightstreamer.ls_proxy

Interface Summary
BandwidthListener Receives notifications about connection activity, sampled at predetermined time intervals.
PushErrorListener Receives asynchronous notifications for connection errors.
PushStatusListener Receives asynchronous notifications for connection status changes.
UpdateEvent Carries values Snapshot and Update informations for an Item.
UpdateListener Receives Snapshots and Updates about Item values and subscription errors.

Class Summary
BandwidthEvent Carries information about Lightstreamer Server connection activity.
Item Specifies a subscription Item, that is, an information Item supplied by Lightstreamer Server through a Data Adapter, together with subscription preferences.
LSProxy Offers an extended interface to Lightstreamer Server, which leans upon the LSClient interface layer and hides Server interactions, in order to offer a more abstract view of the subscription to pushing informations.
ProxyInfo Carries informations about the policies to be applied in Lightstreamer Server connection management.

Exception Summary
ConnectionException Notifies an internal problem that prevents a connection operation.
ItemException Notifies an error in the configuration of an Item.
PushException Indicates an error condition occurred during communication with Lightstreamer Server.
PushUpdateException Notifies an asynchronous error caused by unexpected data values coming from Lightstreamer Server.
RequestException Notifies an error that prevents a subscription or unsubscription request from being accomplished.