Interface ExtendedConnectionListener

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public interface ExtendedConnectionListener
extends ConnectionListener

Receives notifications of connection activity and errors. The notification sequence follows the pattern:

[CE [SS (NB | DE | AW(true) AW(false) )* [AW(true)] [E | F1 | F2] C] ]

where F1 and F2 represent the two versions of onFailure(). A distinct listener must be used for any distinct connection opened.
All notifications are sent in sequence on a dedicated thread.

Method Summary
 void onSessionStarted(boolean isPolling, java.lang.String controlLink)
          Notification that a session has been started by the Server on the connection.
Methods inherited from interface com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ConnectionListener
onActivityWarning, onClose, onConnectionEstablished, onDataError, onEnd, onFailure, onFailure, onNewBytes, onSessionStarted

Method Detail


void onSessionStarted(boolean isPolling,
                      java.lang.String controlLink)
Notification that a session has been started by the Server on the connection. Note that in case this interface is implemented the simpler ConnectionListener.onSessionStarted(boolean) method will not be called.

isPolling - True if the session is in polling mode, false if the session is in streaming mode. The setting reflects the one requested with the LSClient.openConnection(com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ConnectionInfo, com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ConnectionListener) call unless the Stream-sense mechanism has been exploited.
controlLink - the hostname to be used to issue all requests related to the current session. In fact, when a Server cluster is in place, the Server hostname specified through ConnectionInfo.pushServerUrl can identify various Server instances; in order to ensure that all requests related to a session are issued to the same Server instance, the Server can answer to the session opening request by providing a hostname which uniquely identifies its own instance. When this is the case, this hostname is passed to the method; otherwise, this parameter will be null. Note that the value of this parameter is irrespective of the value of the ConnectionInfo.enableControlLinkHandling one.
Edition Note:
Server Clustering is not supported when using Lightstreamer in Moderato edition.