Lightstreamer iOS Client 1.1.1
Native iOS/Mac OS X Client library for Lightstreamer Server version 4.x and up

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
LSClientIncapsulates a single connection to Lightstreamer Server
LSConnectionConstraintsCollects the constraints to be applied on the overall data flow from a Connection
<LSConnectionDelegate>The LSConnectionDelegate protocol receives notifications of connection activity and errors
LSConnectionInfoCollects the parameters related to a connection request to Lightstreamer Server
LSExceptionBase class of all Lightstreamer client exceptions
LSExtendedTableInfoSpecification of a table to be subscribed to Lightstreamer Server, comprised all the item and field names
LSLogControls the local logging system
<LSMessageDelegate>The LSMessageDelegate protocol receives notifications of server responses to sent messages
LSMessageInfoMessage object that will be sent to a Lightstreamer Server
LSPushConnectionExceptionIncapsulates exceptions thrown due to connectivy problems with the Server
LSPushServerExceptionIncapsulates exceptions thrown due to a specific error returned by the Server
LSSubscribedTableKeyKey value to be used to unsubscribe from tables
LSSubscriptionConstraintsCollects the constraints to be applied on the data flow from a Subscription
<LSTableDelegate>The LSTableDelegate protocol receives notification of data updates and subscription termination for a table
LSTableInfoSpecification of a table to be subscribed to Lightstreamer Server
LSUpdateInfoInformation about an update for a subscribed item