Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.11.0
MpnDeviceInfo Class

Specifies a target device for Push Notifications, used with MPN-related requests for the MetadataProvider. Note that the processing and the authorization of Push Notifications is per-device and per-application. While a physical device is uniquely identified by the platform type and a platform dependent device token, Lightstreamer considers the same device used by two different applications as two different MPN devices. Thus, an MpnDeviceInfo instance uniquely identifies both the physical device and the application for which it is being used.  

An MpnDeviceInfo always provides the following identifiers: 

- The platform type. 

- The application ID. 

- The device token. 

Push Notifications is an optional feature, available depending on Edition and License Type.

public: class MpnDeviceInfo;
public class MpnDeviceInfo;
Visual Basic
Public Class MpnDeviceInfo