Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.10.0
IMetadataProvider.IsModeAllowed Method

Called by Lightstreamer Kernel through the Remote Server to ask for the allowance of a publishing Mode for an Item. A publishing Mode can or cannot be allowed depending on the User. The Metadata Adapter should ensure that conflicting Modes are not both allowed for the same Item (even for different Users), otherwise some Requests will be eventually refused by Lightstreamer Kernel. The conflicting Modes are MERGE, DISTINCT and COMMAND. 

This method runs in the Server thread pool specific for the Data Adapter that supplies the involved items, if defined. 


bool IsModeAllowed(string user, string item, Mode mode);
bool IsModeAllowed(string user, string item, Mode mode);
Visual Basic
Function IsModeAllowed(user As string, item As string, mode As Mode) As bool
string user 
A User name. 
string item 
An Item Name. 
Mode mode 
A publishing Mode

True if the publishing Mode is allowed.